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converted youtube video's to mp4 to burn to dvd,issue?

When try to create DVD from MP4 files, only to find can't burn MP4 to DVD? Though successfully burnt MP4 video to DVD disc, only to find can't play the created MP4 DVD files on DVD player? So what brought this on? How to solve these issues and successfully burn and play..burned mp4 plays on my computer but when i put in my dvd player says disc error,please help solve,do i need to convert to mpeg2 or what> thanks 10 points automatically

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    Standard video DVDs, to play in normal DVD machines, do not use the same type of files as computers.

    You need to use a "DVD Authoring" program, which will convert your video files to the correct type and add the other information for a DVD player to recognise them.

    The authoring program called "DVD Styler" works well and is free.

    To confuse things, _some_ DVD players will recognise video files simply burned to a DVD as data files, but a disc made like that is not a true video DVD and being able to play them is just an extra feature of some machines.

    Also, some early DVD players simply will not recognise some or all writable disc types, so you may have to try different makes of blank disk - both DVD+R and DVD-R.

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