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I’m weirdly attracted to my wife’s sister?

I know what you’re thinking. This is awful. I agree with that. I don’t even understand why. People say she looks a lot like my wife. So what to do? I keep avoiding her in family meetings. I don’t even look at her direction. Hopefully this will go away.

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    For starters, you can find another person attractive. It's what you do that is the problem. If you aren't doing anything then you are fine. Maybe you should start paying more attention to your wife. Look at her again and really see her. If she does look like her sister, then you're answers are right there, because you'll have an attractive woman that already loves you.

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  • RP
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    11 months ago

    It seems like you're doing the right thing, given the uncomfortable attraction you have toward her sister. As long as you can avoid the temptation to act on that attraction, then there should be no problem. If you are unable to avoid the temptation, however, it could cause problems for your marriage and you will end up alone, that is, without your wife or her sister.

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