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Thermal Conduction Quantified- Physics?

Here is y problem:

"A temperature difference of 31 K is maintained between the sides of a 1.3-cm thick slab of plywood. What is the rate of heat transfer through a 58-cm2 area of the slab?"

Here is what the answers are not: 1.52e2, 1.19e3, -1.19e3, 1.5e3, 1.5e2


I believe the answer needs to be in Watts. All I am certain of is it is required to be in W.

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    you need the Thermal Conductivity coefficient for the plywood. There are many kinds of plywood.

    I found this, 0.13 W/m•K but that may not match your number.

    58-cm2 ?? guessing that thus is 58 cm² (the dash confuses things)

    58 cm² x (1m/100cm)² = 58e-4 m²

    P = 0.13 W/m•K x 31K x 58e-4 m² / 0.013 m = 1.8 watts

    P = K x ∆T x A / d

    K is thermal conductivity in W/m•K

    P is power in watts transferred through the material

    K is thermal conductivity of the material in W/m•K

    ∆T is change in temperature across the material

    A is cross-sectional area in m²

    d is thickness in m

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