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Who else thinks that the only way any of the following guys would win a major companies world title is if they left the WWE?

I define the Major companies in pro wrestling as WWE, NJPW, Impact wrestling, ROH and CMLL. I did not include guys that have already won major world titles in other companies on the list. By World title I mean the top title in the company

Xavier Woods

Kofi Kingston

Any one on the current 205 roster or main roster that was previously on the 205 roster

Apollo Crews





Zack Ryder

The Uso brothers

tyler bates

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    Xavier Woods: No. While I think it's outside of the realm of possibility as of now, I do think Woods could end up in a position where he's a champion on Raw or Smackdown! (most likely Smackdown) in the event of a New Day fracture. I think any of the three members of New Day could find themselves in that position to be honest. Woods has shown ability to draw outside of professional wrestling with his youtube channel and gaming career, and all three members of New Day showed the bravado and courage to put their careers on the line just to get New Day out of the gate in their vision instead of a played out militant faction trope that WWE initially wanted. He's a great talker, an underrated in-ring talent, and has a mind for wrestling. Vince likes when his talent has a backbone and a vision, and Woods definitely has both. Under the right circumstances, I do think he could elevate himself into a different role that Vince would love to sink his teeth into.

    Kofi Kingston: Kofi's a hard maybe in both directions for me to be honest. He's gotten his chance as a singles star on the main event level before in WWE and failed to impress the higher ups. He's been in WWE for awhile, but loyalty doesn't win you any points in WWE politics these days. New Japan would definitely throw him into the Junior Heavyweight division just based on his style, and Impact's starting to exit that business strategy of putting the hot new WWE release in a championship position without any provocation, rhyme, or reason behind it. ROH? Maybe. CMLL isn't keen on pushing the gringo. The only time I can recall them ever giving the big title to an American was Marco Corleone. If anything, AAA might be a more sure shot for Kofi to get a world title considering Johnny Mundo was like a grand slam champion in the company, holding many of the titles simultaneously.

    205 Live: No. Mustafa Ali's the beginning and end of that conversation. He's been handed bigger opportunities on Smackdown than a lot of current mainstays who could do just as well in his position, if not better, if given the opportunity. They've proven if you can get over with the dead crowd of 205 Live, then there's opportunities for you on the main roster. I could easily see Buddy Murphy or Akira Tozawa making the main roster jump and potentially making waves in the main event scene.

    Apollo Crews: Maybe. I've heard they're trying to push him as less than a smiley, flippy, muscle man and more as a competitor. I don't think that equates to heading to the World Title picture, but it's clear they see some possibilities in him. I don't think ROH or New Japan would glomp onto Apollo as a potential ace. Impact? Maybe. He seems like he could also be at least appealing to CMLL considering his size and agility. He's a big question mark to me though honestly, so the answer is no. No he wouldn't make it in WWE, and no he wouldn't make it outside of WWE.

    Harper: No. They've seen potential in Harper before and given him a main event rub. Considering the current situation with Rowan neutralized as a road block in Harper's career, I could see Smackdown going for that Harper push again.

    Rowan: Yup, and again, I don't see him making it too big outside of WWE either. He's a middling big guy wrestler who could definitely make a living in Japan, but he'd never be champion. WWE clearly doesn't see him as a future world champion considering they constantly saddle him with someone else.

    Rusev: A contentious yes. The man's shown on countless occasions that he can get himself over, no matter what position WWE tries to shoe horn him into. Any company would be happy to capitalize on a popularity that WWE continuously denies.

    Cesaro: Yup. The guy's been given every rub of legitimacy possible and yet he still finds himself being a tag team specialist. ROH would definitely push him toward a world title if he were to return, especially considering the current climate of ROH.

    Zack Ryder: No to both. There isn't a scenario in 2019 where I could see Zack Ryder holding the main gold in any promotion. If we were talking 9 years ago when Ryder had a groundswell of indie darling DIY support? Yeah, in a heartbeat, TNA would give him a championship just to spite WWE. Now? That potential indie fandom isn't there anymore, TNA isn't even TNA anymore, and no one sees the future of their company in Zack Ryder.

    The Usos: No. They're perpetually going to be a tag act throughout their career, which isn't an insult because they're a damn good tag team. They're twins, and no one's going to try and book them as singles.

    Tyler Bate: Yes. Bate could easily be a champion in ROH, he could easily go back to Progress as a singles star and gain the title, and he might even stand the slightest chance of catching New Japan's eye with the shimmmer of potential to be a gaijin star, but considering the segregation of brands in WWE and all of the other places Bate could potentially land before hitting the main roster if the UK brand fails, there's zero chance in my mind of him being world champion.

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    Rusev might be able to, I doubt it though.

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    Apollo Crews - Unless the company was TNA booking and handed the title to Crews for being ex-WWE probably not.

    Cesaro - I really don't understand World Wrestling Entertainment's problem with Cesaro, with that said he already achieved success outside of WWE.

    Haper - Already achieved success outside of WWE

    Kofi Kingston - Unless the company was TNA booking and handed the title to Kingston for being ex-WWE probably not.

    Rowen - I think he already achieved success outside of WWE

    Rusev - Another person I don't get WWE's problem with, it's not the 1980's anymore. Rusev should be in the world title picture.

    The Uso brothers - They already are, except they go by The Young Bucks.

    Xavier Woods - Unless the company was TNA booking and handed the title to Woods for being ex-WWE probably not.

    Zack Ryder - Unless the company was TNA booking and handed the title to Ryder for being ex-WWE probably not.

    Tyler Bates - More then sure Bates was already successful pre-WWE.

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