What do you think of Switchblade Jay White as The New IWGP World Heavyweight Champion for New Japan Pro Wrestling?

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    12 months ago
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    I'm not surprised but his entire rise feels rushed. I get that it's by design and sort of perversely mirrors Okada's rise while also trying to fill the void left by Omega, but Jay doesn't fit. Again, it kind of works with the narrative that he doesn't fit, but he just doesn't. He isn't a worker on the level of even the rookie Rainmaker, and his matches aren't going to blow up the Meltzer rating scale anytime soon.

    Ultimately it works for Japan that Bullet Club has returned to it's original form post-Elite exodus because it's easier to garner hatred for being a cheating gaijin than to work your butt off to make headway in that market. I've even heard that the Young Bucks aren't considered as big a draw in New Japan for the native crowd as much as they are for the U.S., and that's mind boggling considering their best work has been in New Japan for at least the past four years of their run. On the flip side, Tama, Tanga, Fale, Jay, and the rest of the Elite understudies aren't going to garner the same fanfare in the states that Omega, The Bucks, or even Cody managed. Jay works as the Japanese champion, but he's nowhere near the draw for westerners that Okada, Kenny, Tanahashi, or Naito have been. At his current state as a wrestler and entertainer he's not going to be a major draw for U.S. tours.

    The general consensus I've gathered from New Japan fans since the title change is that this will be the beginning of the reawakening of the Rainmaker. This will be a temporary run that hoists Okada back into prominence after Jay's taken everything away from him. I disagree. I think this is the direction going forward. White had his defining moment as the new Ace by beating Tanahashi like so many aces before him. The very soonest that Okada will reach that gold again in my figuring is next year at Wrestle Kingdom 14 next year. Now, someone may contend with Jay until then, and Jay may even be dethroned only to recapture the gold along the way, but if the end game to this long form storytelling is Okada's return to form, then it's going to take at least a year to get there. Until then, we're all forced to breathe with the switchblade.

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  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    Another joke from the 'How do you do fellow kids' stable, I smell desperate overbooking.

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  • 12 months ago

    It's very Shocking. Jay White has won The IWGP Heavyweight Championship on his First Try. it take Kenny Omega Couple years to Beat Odada.

    I'd thought Hiroshi Tanahashi would've Long Title Reign since He'd not won The Title in Years. It also little bit too Soon for Jay White. I do hope that, He's Definitely Ready to becoming The 29th IWGP Heavyweight Champion.

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