Good horseman names?

I am writing a book about a man who turns into a horse by magic because he is not nice to them and this is his punishment. He will be found by a nice lady who rides him and he does NOT like first. In the end they are friends and he is magically turned back into a human and he falls in love with the nice lady who rode him. The name of the book is Night Mare. Any name suggestions for the man who is also the horse? I was thinking Tom. Or Manny? Serious answers only.

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    Are there any names that would not fit? Claude? A very vain 🐎. He likes to pirrouette and do show-horse dances. Tom or Chuck? [Charlie might make the reader groan.] A straightforward American 🐎. A "Western" breed. Juan? Andalusian. A Spanish 🐎. He can do all the fancy steps Claude can, but has a more powerful body. Richard or Desborough? An English hunting 🐎.

    I suggest looking through a picture book of breeds, and think: "If he had a human name, whom does he make me think of?" I could see Eric Braden (from the Young and the Restless or J.J. Astor of "Titanic") as a stallion. "Astor" would not be a bad name for a thoroughbred. All horses don't get human names. One horse might be called Gypsum. Another might be Strongbow. Or Zigzag. Or Jackson, after Michael Jackson. Or Pegasus.

    Oh. What time period? I like English historicals, so I see the horse/man as a Desmond or Wesley. You might be thinking of American contemporary or western setting: Dirk or Buck or Dave or Mike.

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  • 1 year ago

    Have you considered the sexual undertones you are describing?

    If not, please do so.

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