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Animal Lives?

How come some animals live longer than others?

How can some types of tortoise live to be like 200 years old? And some animals live to 40 or 20 or 8?

Why do some animals have the ability to live so long? What's the purpose?

I know this sounds super dumb, but I am honestly just curious.

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    The life span is related to the gestation period, and to the amount of time required to bring the infant to a state of self-sufficiency. Scholars believe that an average boy born in the late 13th century would live 31 years; and if he made it to adulthood, his chances of reaching 45 were pretty good. This means that a lot of children did at least meet their grandparents.

    Modern ways of life are keeping people alive way beyond their "productive" years, and the ensuing social problems are evident in many industrialized societies, especially in Japan. In non-industrial settings, it was expected that old people would die and make room for a younger generation. Think of the Eskimo tribes who put their elderly out on an ice floe to drift away -- and the old people accepted it as nature's course.

    Rabbits in the wild live only a year or two, but females reach sexual maturity around six months of age, and males even sooner. So they all have plenty of time to reproduce.

    Elephants live almost as long as people do -- because elephant "adolescence" lasts until the age of about 17. Jackals live 10 to 12 years, and their gestation period is only two months, so you can see that the ratio of their lifespan to their gestation period is very similar to the ratio for pre-industrial mankind.

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    This is a well studied problem and there isn't a conclusive answer, but it is related to metabolism and size (the slower your metabolism, the slower you age or deteriorate, the smaller you are the faster), and telomeres/the Hayflick limit:



    There's no "purpose" evolutionary speaking (though long lived whales do pass on culture to young whales and give them a survival boost so that's something). It seems to be a side effect of energy processing/ the second law of thermodynamics. ALSO it's related to fighting off cancer.



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