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What are the pros and cons of getting a Bone marrow transplant? This includes chemo as well.?

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    My son had chemo and had a transplant

    it save his his life for 2 yrs

    but after 2 yrs the cancer was back and he died 6 months after

    My son had Accute Mylinoid Leukemia its a rare and a very aggressive cancer

    Do you have cancer ?

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    Pros -- If you have leukemia, it can save your life.

    Cons -- First they have to kill off all your diseased bone marrow. That means chemotherapy and living in an isolation cell at the hospital to prevent you from being infected with anything while you have no healthy white cells to fight off infection. The chemo could make you sick. You're limited in terms of visitors and the restriction to one room is hard for some people.

    A bone marrow transplant is generally done for people with AML, a life-threatening type of leukemia.

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    Pro. You get to keep living. Con. It hurts to get.

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