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Why does Ronan Farrow look exactly like a young Woody Allen?

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    He doesn't. His mother claims he is Frank Sinatra's son, but she was such a compulsive liar and general adulteress that we cannot believe a word she says. Mia Farrow acts like the scorned woman of virtue, but her history is different. She is both a predator and a sociopath. She made friends with Dory Previn to seduce her husband, and was unfaithful to Andre Previn by her own accounts. When Woody Allen and she broke up she became the stereotypical scorned woman. I believe she trained two of them to claim they were abused.

    Given the unstable morals and behaviour of the mother this old liberal cannot believe this source is reliable.

    But I digress. No, he looks more like Previn or Sinatra. He has more hair than Allen at that age, and that is not his nose and eyes.

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  • 1 year ago

    He looks like his mother....

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  • 1 year ago

    He looks like a cross between his mother and Frank Sinatra, not like his stepfather.

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