sarah asked in HealthOptical · 10 months ago

Seeing photo bleaching spots when eyes are closed?

Like.. I could be in a dim room, eyes closed, was sleeping all night..and while my eyes are still closed. I get a weird phenomenon.

It isnt like swirls, sparkles, orbs, or floaters. It isn't like a flash either. It is ...literally like...when you look at a really bright light in the dark and then suddenly look away. That tiny, defined blue/green blob that sticks in your vision and then fades to pinks, etc as it fades away.

Like i will see that. A sudden orb of light in blue, then it fades to pink, red, and away. It is only maybe 1 or two times but...i don't know

What is it?

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  • Pearl
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    10 months ago
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    nnaybe you should get your eyes checked if thats happening

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