The final floor vote will be called for on the next US Attorney General. He will be that officer before 1400 this afternoon.?

What does this mean. Rosenstein is out.

All of those sitting in the inner circle of

Justice will be out.

Barr takes over the complete oversight

of the the Mueller investigation. Mueller

will now have to bring his work papers

and his instructions given to his investigators on what their parameters

are and were. Mueller himself while

FBI director was admonished and censured 85 times by FISA court Judges

in his not telling the truth on his warrant


Weinstein Muellers Pit Bull will be

subjected to closed door meetings

with Barr on his methods used.

Weinstein himself has had more

problems with failing to provide

with held exculpatory evidence

in his three so called big cases.

Going to be very interesting.

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  • 12 months ago
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    I always saw Rosentien as a skilled butt-covering Nervous Nellie who needs to go. So I'm good with it. I'm hoping Barr goes after the corruption, someone needs to.

    I keep wondering what Schiff is going to get caught in. I figure it's something, because he is too weird to not have done something which would frustrate his political career.

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  • 12 months ago

    Barr has said he supports Mueller and the investigation.

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