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Can acting Attorney General Whittaker invoke executive privilege tomorrow before the House and refuse to answer any questions?

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    2 years ago
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    he is not " the executive " so no executive privilege . he can claim the 5 th amendment to protect himself . but why would an acting attorney general of the united states need to do that ? trump only hires the best ., right ?

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    2 years ago

    Jerry Nadler has a subpoena ready just in case. He had provided a list of questions to allow Whitaker to determine whether executive privilege should apply. Whitaker has not indicated whether he plans to exercise executive privilege so Nadler said “My understanding is that you will provide full and complete answers to these questions when they are asked at your hearing this Friday”.

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    Nowhere in the Constitution does "executive privilege" appear, while the 14th amendment supposedly guarantees equal treatment under the law. Authorizing a government official to avoid answering is clearly in violation of equal treatment.

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