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Why does my colleague always get colds?

My colleague is constantly getting sick. He got sick last August, then again in September, then in late November, then last month in January and then again this month. It bugs me to no end because I sit next to him at work and he coughs and sneezes all the time and comes close to me when he has to talk to me about something. I feel like every time he gets sick, I catch it. And it's annoying too because I can't keep catching colds like this.

So, why on earth does my colleague always get sick? Shouldn't a person develop immunity after recovering from a cold?

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    Sometimes he might not actually be sick as in infected. I know a few friends who have allergic rhinitis where they are more sensitive to allergens like dust etc. and even depending on season, their allergies tend to flare up - giving symptoms like running nose, watery eyes etc.

    If they tends to be sick with infection often, it may indicate that the immune system is not working as well as it should and may be worth to have a talk to the doctor about this.

    Hope i helped :)

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    Yes, how rude of him to inconvenience you by getting sick. I’m sure he does it just to annoy you.

    There are tons of reasons some people get sick more easily than others. An underlying health condition (such as asthma or COPD), an impaired immune system, effects of certain medications, nutritional deficits, poor hygiene, having young children constantly bringing germs home from daycare or school, or just bad luck. Allergies can also cause symptoms similar to colds.

    Regardless, I don’t think you can blame your coworker for getting sick. And if you usually catch his colds, doesn’t that mean that YOU are constantly getting sick as well? What’s wrong with YOU? (See how silly that sounds?) Make sure you’re taking care of your immune system by getting enough sleep, eating well, and drinking plenty water. Wash your hands often and avoid touching your face.

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      I actually caught two of the last five colds he had. Considering he coughs and sneezes all over me and gets so close to me when he talks, I think my immune system is pretty good; at least way better than his. And I get colds from catching his. He gets colds for reasons he can't explain...

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    10 months ago

    Be polite and ask him.

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      I did. He said he doesn't know why. He only lives with his wife and she hasn't gotten sick in over a year. He had no explanation as to why.

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    10 months ago

    Perhaps, like me, he has a chronic illness that limits his immune system.

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