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What did you think about the stable of Don Muraco, Eddie Gilbert and Jimmy Snuka with Paul E. Dangerously?

This took place in Eastern Championship Wrestling which would become Extreme Championship Wrestling, if you haven't seen this The WWE Network has it under ECW Hardcore TV which spans from 1993 - 2000.

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    That's not a bad stable of talent, but it'd be a more impressive one if it had happened ten years earlier. Most of their stars had faded by '93, and poor Eddie Gilbert never really had a great run on a global level. He might be one of the more underrated wrestlers of that era though, and popped up in multiple territories around this time and I think he worked in the office for a lot of them. Paul E. was always a great talker, even when he was hauling around the giant brick cell phone, rocking the skullet, and dressing like a used car salesman.

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  • It would have been a better Stable in The 1970's and 1980's because by The 1990's Muraco and Snuka were past their prime.

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