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What's the best way to deal with/relieve OCD?

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    The best for you, if you have this problem, might be to see a therapist.

    If you go to the Amazon ad for You Are Not Your Brain by psychiatrist Jeffrey Schwartz, you'll see that people with OCD say they really appreciate this book. Also you might listen to the testimonials from readers on YouTube.

    Dr Schwartz' approach is based on a simple, 4-step method -

    1) Relabel the obsessive thoughts and compulsive urges as obsessions and compulsions, not as real thoughts.

    2) Reattribute the obsessive thoughts to a brain malfunction called OCD.

    3) Refocus on a wholesome, productive activity for at least fifteen minutes.

    4) Revalue the entire obsession and compulsion group as having no useful meaning in your life.

    He is one of the many therapists who believes in mindfulness. If you're interested, I have information on mindfulness and other mind-body methods in my recent answers. I find the research on yoga breathing especially interesting. The VA recommends breathing therapy for vets with PTSD. This has been shown to be effective for panic disorder.

    All things considered, relaxation methods are not considered as effective as CBT for anxiety, but they can enhance results of standard treatments like CBT.

    Although some people say they've found mindfulness hard to learn, mindfulness apps are very popular, despite the monthly fees.

    A reviewer who says he says GAD claims that the best one is Mindful Life Project and it's absolutely free. Mindful Life was designed for children - perfect for beginners. The most popular app is Headspace, which is the most expensive but it has a 30-day trial you can use over and over. Calm has a free breathing exercise that's really useful if you have anxiety.

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    Go to a mental health professional and get meds.

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    Being in the care of a good mental health professional is the best.

    Also, there are good books out there about handling OCD. Go to an online bookstore and get a couple with high reader ratings.

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    I have tried cutting myself. It hasn't worked, but I will try again in half an hour and see if I get better results then.


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    Professional therapy.

    Medications may work in some cases, but the side effects sometimes outweigh the benefits.

    You need professional help to determine the best course of action for you.

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    Spread peanut butter all over your body and stick blueberries all over you.

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    Meditate like crazy.

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