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What's the 1914 stuff of the JW?

They create things over the Bible how does a true christian has to answer debuking it?

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    You first need to know that Jesus said nobody would know in advance the time for His return. Not only did He say that in Matthew 24:36-44, He gave many parables to illustrate His sudden, unexpected return after being away a considerable time.

    Second, you need to see the truth of this Christian man's observation. C.H. Spurgeon took the view that a strong indication of a bankrupt ministry was an emphasis on predictive prophecy. JWs were founded on a massive emphasis on predicting end-time events, trying to work them out in advance, as proof that God had specially chosen them to reveal such things to them, and nobody else. That massive emphasis on anticipating end-tie events continues. Proof of their bankrupt ministry is that none of the many dates they came out with were correct, and they preach a false gospel message about the future, when the biblical gospel is about what God did, in Christ, nearly 2,000 years ago.

    To expose this, you need to know the Watchtower Society's history of failed predictions / anticipated dates. Then you need to be able to use your Bible to show what the biblical gospel (good news) is.

    For the first point, here are just some of the errors re. 1914.

    First, they claimed Jesus returned (invisibly) in 1874 and that 1914 would see the END of Armageddon.

    When that proved false they just changed a few words in new editions of relevant books to say 1914 would see the START of Armageddon.

    When that proved false, they claimed that in October 1914 Jesus had returned (invisibly). This was a 'presence' and all the action happened in Heaven, when the newly appointed King Jesus threw Satan down to Earth. Satan and his hordes were so furious, knowing their time was short, they started World War I. Problem - WW1 had already started nearly 2 months before their October date. Another problem was that WW1 did not lead into Armageddon as they stated it would.

    Next came other ideas, such as 1925 being an even more significant date than 1914. It wasn't.

    You need to bear in mind that all expectations about Armageddon were linked to their doctrine that the generation alive to see 1914 would still be alive when Armageddon started.

    In the 1960s, Wt. Soc. leaders calculated the date of Adam's creation and that that would mean a paradise Earth would begin by October 1975 at the latest.

    When nothing had happened by then, they said that as the gap between Adam's creation and Eve's creation was unknown, that prevented an exact date. Well, they must now be saying Adam had at least 53 years on his lonesome.

    Now, at last, the Wt. Soc. has stopped coming out with dates. They have also dropped the anchor date of 1914, and the latest 'generation' expected to see Armageddon is free-floating. They claimed that as long as there were even one or two people alive come the great tribulation, who had been born in 1914, there would be an overlapping generation, linking the two generations. As some people today are living 110 or more years, they probably think this still gives them enough 'connection' to 1914 till at least 2024. They imagine they can still get off with mentioning 1914 as well as the generation to see Armageddon, without members seeing just how tenuous this supposed link is.

    Having done that, they also said that the generation to see Armageddon would be the one alive when the great tribulation starts, and now they have gone back to their first President's statement that a generation is about 36 years in length. They made just such a tenuous connection in their 1 November 1995 Watchtower, page 19. So, if the great tribulation starts tomorrow, Armageddon will have started within 36 years from tomorrow. But if the great tribulation does not start till 2024, it will be THAT generation, so the 36 year count would give them till 2060.

    You see how they keep stringing new converts along? All the embarrassing history of wrong dates / events is just covered up and the latest predictions instilled into students. Yet if a new convert discovered the full track record of their leaders, they would be horrified. Try the links below for more details.

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    They've come to the conclusion that when their prophecies are exposed as false, that it was the error of those who made the conclusions.. But the Watchtower Society is still true!

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    Watch the video:

    and then decide for yourself.


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    There's no such word as debuking. Learn to spell, Mel.

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