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Peugeot 307 SW 2003 1.6l Petrol Engine shuts off in mid drive?

Engine turn off randomly when stopping for a red light when cold.

Also sometimes when I turn the car on and start driving it almost imidietly it just cuts off. When I try to restart engine sometimes i need to crank it couple times before is finnaly starts, and sometimes I need to add a little bit of throtle to help it start. Once it warms up (Even a litle bit) it runs farely fine. (Higher the operating temp, it runs and start better) . All of this seems to happen when its been sitting outside the entire night when it s cold outside (from about 5°c to about -10°c)

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago
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    Replace the plugs and air filter. Clean the idle air control valve.

    Your car is 15 years old. Sometimes it is just too cold. Rev the engine to about 1200 rpm for about 3 to 5 mins before you drive.

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  • 1 year ago

    FIRST eliminate teh OBVIOUS!.Firtst do the OBVIOUSS by cleaning the THROTTLE BODY a nd the IdLE AIR CONTROL valve to SHOWROOM clean! I use AMSOIL POWER FOAM for this job! If this car has DIRECT INJECTION< there is a good chance that your VALVES are full of tarry carbon deposits and it needs to be CLEANED UP!. This MAY requrie removing the INTAKE MANIFOLD to expose the valves for cleaning with NUT SHELLS or SOLVENT! You did nTO mention the MILEAGE here either> Since msot EURO engiens hae valvr timing kept TAUGHT by OIL PRESSURE< it is a good idea to do a MILD SOLUDGE REMOING service in the engne! The PEUGEOT also probably has OIL SPRAY JETS that focus clean oil at the PISTON skirats and rod pins. This helps to sustain HIGH RPM ranges without haveing any lube issues1. BE SURE that your BATTERY is claena along with the CABLES nad POWER WQSH the engine bay with GUNK original ORANGE cleaner! It is like DIESL FUEL. If igt has VARIABLE VALVE TIMING< this cleaning shoudl handle igt easily, ALSO repalce the FUEL FILTER!! I once worked ona VW BEETLE that the dealershp SWORE had a BAD TRANSMISSION! IT eould have inconsitant shifting! It turned out that it onlu needed a NEW FUEL FILTER< and that the FUEL PRESSURE wouls drop! This engne was TEN YEARS OLD on the original fulter! MOst people do NTO think of this. GOOD LUCK and E-mail me BACK with your results! In AMERICA i only worked on TWO PEUGEOT cars. The hadf MARELLI igntions that were NOT consistant!. GOOD LUCK to you, then.

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  • 1 year ago

    Correction, the car is fom 2005, but 2 years plus or minut probably doesnt matter that much. But anyways that, will try that.

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