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What is the point in existing or achieving goals anymore?

Every time I want to accomplish a goal it seems that somebody always had to act as if I can’t. I use to work in the fast food industry but I wasn’t quick paced enough and still struggle with multitasking. I am 24, a woman, and it seems I never do anything right. I have lost 2 out of 3 jobs and sometimes struggle to memorize things. I want to get a job to where I can afford a new or better used car. I want to lose 60-70 pounds and learn a skill. I want to accomplish something and would love to a year from now say that I lost weight, got s big girl job or at least a trade program, and got my 5k debt paid off. I sometimes wonder what is the point in even existing anymore.

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    Therefore you successfully kept one job.

    By your own definition hey?

    The ideas are to use your talents and really

    My talents are no greater than yours even

    If my experience is more.

    Learn guitar, write songs with your sadness

    Express it all and on the stave

    I dare say you could easily eclipse mine.



    Very Best Wishes


    Source:) hobbies

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