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Does this girl like me or not?

I've had feelings for a former coworker of mine for a while but I'm engaged so I never acted on anything (nor would I) and I always felt guilty about it. I recently took a position at a new company and before I left I decided to tell her how I feel about her for closure purposes. She didn't necessarily say she liked me back but told me she loved me (as a friend anyways) and that she'll miss me.

Fast forward a few months and she's been texting me almost every day. Nothing flirty just straight up casual conversation and always asking what I'm up too and how my day was, etc. I was confused by this because she never even texted me before about anything and just straight outta the blue talks to me all day. I was getting suspicious and wanted to test the waters so a whole group of us went out last night and I pulled her aside and asked "just as a friends conversation, if I was single would you date me?" And her only response was, "I've honestly never thought about it because you're with (fiancées name)." At the end of the night I was worried I was gonna try and kiss her if I walked her to her car so I just gave her a hug goodbye and I left.

She knows that me and my fiancée are having issues and how poorly she treats me and she knows I feel trapped and keeps telling me I could do better. I'm just confused as to how she feels about me. Is she into me and just trying to hide her feelings? Am I just in the friend zone?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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    It depends on how poorly your fiancé is treating you as to my answer. If she is abusive then leave your fiancé. If y’all are just having normal issues then that’s a part of marriage and you and this new girl would be just like that soon enough. The grass always seems greener.

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    Stop being a coward and break up with your fiance. It doesn't matter how this girl feels. You should not need to have a replacement lined up to justify ending your unhappy relationship. Putting that burden on this random girl is pathetic. Be a man and take responsibility for your choices.

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