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How do I apply for an FHA loan?

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    Contact any mortgage lender. Just about all of them offer FHA financing. Those that don't will tell you so and you just find another.

    FHA is a government-insured mortgage. It is not the government lending you money, it is the lender. The lender must follow government (HUD) guidelines in giving the loan and beyond that, everything else is up to the lender.

  • Judy
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    10 months ago

    go to a bank

  • 10 months ago

    NT is WRONG

    First, it's 3.5% down. You need at 640 credit score.

    Please talk with a mortgage lender. Or even a couple until you feel comfortable in the process.

    Basically, You go online with the mortgage company. fill out a form and teh lender will pull your credit.

  • nt
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    10 months ago

    ask a realtor. Its their job. You have to have things like good credit, a good job and at least 5% down.

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