Is it true that it is much harder to get fired at a lot of companies if you pass your probationary period?

I work in a very dysfunctional and poorly managed office. I passed my probationary period but feel like I am lagging as to where I should be 6 months into a job.

The training was very poor. Both directors have personality disorders and there is a serious disconnect of good communication between management and employees. They have had a turnover rate of 12 employees in the last year.

There is no real leadership here, loud and disorderly conduct all day in the office. The chatter is nonstop, a lot of gossip, public criticism from other employees...etc

I have worked for different companies in my time out of college and this is not the real world. I am quietly putting in my resume for other jobs at this company, but in the meantime I don't know how my performance is viewed by management.

They have never called me into the office or anything about performance related issues but I never get any positive feedback. The only time that I ever hear from anybody is when someone wants to complain.

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  • Some companies fire at will at any time. You can make it past a probation period and get fired, but they should find a good reason to fire you. While you're in a probation period they can fire you for any reason.

    If your questioning your performance maybe have a chat with your boss about it. If they haven't called you in because of it then you're probably doing fine.

    If the management is bad then maybe you should put your resume in at completely different companies. Different departments may not be all that different from where you are now, if they're under the same management.

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    it nnight be true but that dont nnean you cant get fired still

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    Outside of an employment contract situation that specifically covers this, it's every bit as easy to fire someone after their probationary period as it is during.

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