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What causes listeners to engage in listening to Baroque music as compared to Middle Ages and Renaissance music?

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    String instruments








    Heavy counterpoint


    I can't remember, and shamefully I just took a music history class from 35k bc to 1850 lol.

    I think the Baroque era is when they finally settled down on preferring the major and minor modes (of course other modes were used, but in the Baroque era it shifted more towards the major/minor were most familiar with today)

    Bach, Vivaldi, Handel were some of the most prolific baroque composers whose impacts are still felt today (Messiah, counterpoint studies, 4 seasons, etc)

    If you like.. uhh..


    middle english

    religious music


    good reasons for renn/middle ages

    Opera didn't exist in the middle ages, and I think it just barely was invented in 1610 ish? Early baroque, which is also a popular style of music for those that appreciate it.

    Hildegard something von something (?) wrote an all-female... madrigal? that has similarties to an opera, but it didn't have as much drama/excitement as in opera

    another thing was that during the middle ages was basically church music, of course there were minniesingers and troubadours (german/french bards), but you would be gauranteed to find music in the church, there wasn't really a "composer" who composed/performed for livings I think.

    Bach worked at churches but as an organist (performing) and composed up the kazoo.

    All of his music is written with a special note which I forget the exact words, but basically he offers up every piece of his music to the glory of God. However, if you listen to the Toccata and Fugue in D minor, there's no (at least no obvious) reference to God. So you could enjoy some of bach's music (including his preludes/fugues) without needing to like church music.

    there's more but I can't remember :(

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    because there was sooo much variety,each country had very capable inventors, composers,and instruments improved in their ability to project,instruments such as the lute,,adaptation of music for the clavichord,madrigals for voice,the organ,

    many bach pieces have been transcribed for guitar/s,from slow & stately to fast & relentless

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    Why is this a question? I listen to what I like and I don't care what other people think.

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    Someone with bad music tastes

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    Some people like to go for Baroque.

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