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Zach asked in Science & MathematicsPhysics · 1 year ago

I need Physics help with speed I will give the best answer!?

An antelope moving with constant acceleration covers the distance 69.0


between two points in time 7.10 s

. Its speed as it passes the second point is 15.3


What is the antelopes speed at the first point?

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  • 1 year ago
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    Do you know about the SUVAT equations?

    If acceleration is constant, one of the SUVAT equations is as follows:

    s = 0.5*(u+v)*t, ... where

    s = distance (m)

    u = initial velocity (m/s)

    v = final velocity (m/s)

    t = time taken (between initial and final velocity) (s)...

    In this case:

    s = 69.0 m

    u = UNKNOWN

    v = 15.3 m/s

    t = 7.10 s

    and arrange the equation for the unknown u:

    0.5*(u+v)*t = s

    (u + v)t = 2s

    (u + v) = (2s)/t

    u = (2s)/t - v

    then substitute in the values:

    u = (2s)/t - v

    u = (2*69)/7.1 - 15.3

    u = 4.1366197

    u ≈ 4.14 m/s (to 3sf - 3 significant figures just like all the values in the question.)

    Therefore the antelope's initial speed was 4.14 m/s to 3sf.

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