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What's the main reason why people drop out of high school?

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    Dropping out is an alternative to suicide for a lot of kids. Most dropouts don't start out intending to become dropouts. Instead, what happens is that they reach that point after what is often years of abuse and mistreatment by their peers, teachers, and school officials. No one learns well when he or she is subjected to abuse and bullying on a daily basis for years on end. And in some cases, kids drop out because they get BORED with school. This is especially true with kids who are "gifted". The curriculum at most American public high schools is geared to the lowest performing students, and those who are above that level often become bored with it. They start thinking that school is a waste of time, simply because they aren't being challenged enough or encouraged to use their talents in a creative way. Yet another reason why some kids leave high school without graduating is because they start college early, or they are able to get jobs in the computer industry and other fields that don't require a college degree.

    Military service used to be a reason why some kids dropped out, but that's not the case as often any more, because all the branches of the service now require kids to have at least a diploma and to take and pass the ASVAB tests before they can be accepted. Those kids who want to do something like attend one of the service academies must secure an appointment and pass the entrance exams for their chosen branch. They also must have top grades and SAT or ACT scores, along with character recommendations from teachers and other adults. They can't be married or have any dependents, and guys who get their girlfriends pregnant in high school are generally not accepted into either the military or the service academies because such behavior is considered to be a sign of emotional immaturity.

    The last reason why kids drop out is because of mental illness or other serious illnesses, either in the kids themselves, or in their families. Being a teenager doesn't make people immune to cancer and heart disease, and there have been plenty of cases in which kids with cancer or another chronic illness had to drop out of school.

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    Life gets in the way

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    To become rappers

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    mental health issues that result in bad grades, choosing to do something that doesn't require having a hs diploma, or getting a ged to move forward and start college sooner

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    They don’t see the point of continue studying

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