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How would Jesus treat this girl ?

She’s 17 and gets bullied at school for having big boobs and for not having the best hair. She brushes her hair daily but the kids claim it is still nappy and it gets tangled easily. She is 176 at 5 foot 2 with s 38ddd. She did lose 5 pounds. She sucks at sports and wishes she had a purpose in life and had friends. She attended a youth group for a few Wednesday nights but found herself feeling like an outcast because she’s didn’t own everything Northface, Patagonia, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, etc. She feels like an outcast everywhere and wishes she was rich. She is looking for a part time job too.

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    Jesus would treat her like a friend and not let anyone else change that.

    This girl needs to find worth in herself. She needs to learn what things she is good at, and find out more about them. This may help lead to a career goal so she can feel good about who she is.

    In regards to the youth groups, she should select a new church because this is not acceptable for behavior in church. She should look up "Willow Creek Church" in Illinios, and find a similar church in her area, or look for a non-denominational church perhaps outside the affluent area. These more modern churches feature more modern bands for worship, and concentrate on the fundamentals of Christianity. If any church she goes to doesn't do that, she should look elsewhere, because a welcoming and loving spirit is what should be emphasized.

    She could also:

    -Volunteer somewhere: This will put her in touch with other helpful people, who may help her. She will be helping others, and I suspect she likes to do that.

    -Concentrate on who she is, rather than what others think. Those who concentrate on outward appearances are not looking at the right things.

    -Get a pet, possibly from the shelter: Animals are great motivators, and good at making us feel good. She could even bring the pet to a hospital or nursing home for visits. There, she will feel very good about what she is doing. These are the true "therapy animals" and there is a special certification a dog or cat can get, to do this. It is a great service to others, and brings much joy.

    -Make the best of who she is by:

    --Get a new haircut: This doesn't mean an expensive cut, but one she likes and thinks makes the most of her features. She can look online for "current hairstyles 2019.

    --Get a couple new outfits. If she is short on cash, she can go to a local resale shop. Many of these shops sell high end clothing, but all that really matters is that she like it and it suits her own style.

    --Use makeup that accentuates her features, but is NOT overdone.

    -Take a speech class.

    -Read the book called: "How to Win Friends and Influence Others"

    -Learn about this man:

    Youtube thumbnail

    If the link does not play properly, look up: nick vujicic, or "man with no arms or legs".

    -Love who she is, because this girl was made with a purpose and likely will surpass those who make nasty comments.

    -Write all her good points on a list, and add to that every day.

    -Ignore those who make fun of others. Keep in mind that the person writing this was made fun of in school for being too skinny. Even called names for that.

    -Stand up straight and tall and look people in the eye. Don't let them intimidate her.

    If she feels uncomfortable about her weight, she could go to her family physician for help. Even if she doesn't do that, she can eat one or two apples before every meal, and for a snack. Stop drinking soda pop. Drink orange juice. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and protein like meat.

    One day this person will make a difference in the world, and the lives of others. She counts and matters, and will learn this as she develops into the person she has been made. She is beautiful and should never forget this.

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    When I was that age I had left school but attended a few events where I received identical treatment to that you describe. It was a nightmare and I tried to get out of going. My mother continued to press me to attend as she felt I was becoming a recluse. I preferred being a recluse to being ignored or insulted at these events.It is horrendous to be shy at that age and I suffered because of it. Teenagers need classes all about being inclusive and be taught how cruel it is to not make others feel welcome. I did not become really sociable until I was married and, later, pregnant and then met other young women at anti-natal classes. That was when I really felt I was like the others. Once you have children and they start attending playgroups your social life changes and I found that I was now just where I wanted to be.

    Jesus would have treated that girl with great respect and that is what He wants us to do to help others who find it hard to mix.

    I absolutely hated my teen years.

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    He would love her dearly, and treat her the same as any other of God's beloved children.

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    38DDD? That's awesome! Be proud of those babies.

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    that girl is you and Jesus went long ago. How would God treat you?.

    Well first off did Jesus have up to date clothes. As for being an outcast whom did Jesus favour. The outcast or the ones; who thought they were too important to befriend the poor. Be proud of your body. That will bring pride in yourself.

    Now ask your mother who Patrick Swayze was and look at the film Ghost. He was bullied quite bad then when he left school he said one day he was in his car and passed the bullies at a bus stop. Raining hard. Did he pick them up. No way.

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    Easier said than done, but the Bible tells us not to think more of ourselves “than it is necessary to think.” (Romans 12:3) It’s proper, even necessary, to think about yourself to a degree. That’s why, we brush our teeth and give attention to our hygiene. We all have things we like and dislike about our bodies, focus on your strengths and work with what you consider to be your weakness.

    Some things you can improve, but remember what you consider to be unattractive may be based on people’s distorted view of what is considered beautiful. The media greatly influences and distorts the proper view of beauty.

    But too much attention to one’s appearance, whether positive or negative, whether it’s something you can change or not can be very bad for you, even dangerous. One young person nicely put it this way:”Do what you can to look your best. But don’t worry about the rest. Being overly concerned about how you look can be dangerous.“ On the other hand, a balanced attitude will help you view yourself realistically, as a young woman named Erin learned. “Sure, I have insecurities,” she says, “but I notice that I feel bad only when I focus on the wrong things. Now I just exercise regularly and eat right. The rest falls into place naturally.”

    When you have a balanced view of your body image, you will feel (and even look) your best. The Bible can help. It encourages you to cultivate the following:

    Contentment. “It’s better to enjoy what we have than to want something else, because that makes no more sense than chasing the wind.”—Ecclesiastes 6:9, Contemporary English Version.

    A balanced approach to exercise. “Bodily training is beneficial for a little.”—1 Timothy 4:8.

    Inner beauty. “Man sees what appears to the eyes; but as for Jehovah, he sees what the heart is.”—1 Samuel 16:7

    Check out this video clip of young people’s comments about the challenge of maintaining a balanced view of their appearance.

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    He'd tell her to lose weight. She has free will. Gluttony is a sin.

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    Jesus would treat her just like any other person. Her appearance is irrelevant.

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    When Jesus returns anybody whose body is out of proportion will be healed of that

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