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What do you think of my 20 song titles?. Best answer = 10 points. Polls and Survays.?

1. Your Wife’s “Chiropracter” Is Actually Just A **** Buddy.

2. John “Cancer For Brains” McCain.

3. Going Penile On A Senile.

4. My Mother Once Said “God Doesn’t Make Mistakes”....Then I Told Her I Was God And Bashed Her Skull In With A Hammer.

5. Fool Me Once (And I’ll Kill You, Your Children, and Everyone Else In Your Family Before Turning The Gun On Myself).

6. I Did A Drought Dance So You Would Die Of Thirst.

7. Pardon My German, But HEIL HITLER!

8. Pot Brownies & Mountain Oysters.

8. I Drowned The Preachers Daughter In A Vat Of Holy Water.

9. Gouts Gonna Get Him Again.

10. Michael Savage Banged Allen Ginsberg, Then Became An Anti-LGBT Advocate.

11. Rejected To The Point Of Impotency.

12. Throw Humanity Down The Well.

13. Your Dad Transitioned In His 80s.

14. From PhD to HIV.

15. South Africa Is The Baby Rape Capital Of The World (Oprah Winfrey’s Words Not Mine).

16. I Hate Eccentic Mentally Ill Creative Types (I Hate Myself).

17. Drowning In Old Newspapers And Fecel Matter / **** Your Hoard.

18. ...And Yet You’re Still KKKatholic.

19. Mexico Is A Wonderful Nation Filled With Rich Culture And Tradition.

20....But Asians Are The Master Rice.

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    lol, I like it. Reminds me of questions I used to ask years ago when I first started here.

    *edit* oops, on second reading, those titles are a wee bit darker than what I came up with...:{

  • 2 years ago

    They aren't getting any better.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    😖😖😖 why aren't you writing for The Rebel or The onion?

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