VR was a bust. Why did virtual reality games never reach their full potential?

Why are the majority of VR games novice garbage? Nothing against someone fiddling around for the first time but you'd think great games would be coming off Kickstarter or something.

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  • Raditz
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    1 year ago
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    You realize that in order to play VR games, you need to invest quite a fortune in the rigs and the VR headset, which could reach over a thousand of dollars. Not many people wanted to spend that much money on something, except the enthusiast or someone with good income.

    Fortunately, Sony tries to break that barrier by introsucing a cheaper option of VR tech, with their PSVR. And the current reception was very positive, with PSVR being the current biggest seller. They also started to make quality games, like Firewall Zero Hour, Astrobot, or even integrate it with popular games like Wipeout, RE 7, or Ace Combat 7.

    But yeah, you need to wait for a couple of years in order for the technology to be matured and become more accessible. And when it reached that point, you'll start seeing big companies pumping VR games like no tomorrow.

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  • 1 year ago

    The risk of it being a bust...

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Majority of VR games are "novice garbage" because only small independent development teams are making games for it. Large gaming corperations of developers/publishers aren't trying to make games for it. And in the times they do, it's of a game they already made a few years ago. The reason why is because VR is a new market and large corperations don't really expand into new markets because it could be a wasted investment. So untill the market expands you won't see that many large companies make games for it.

    Also, the VR technology is rather "new". So it is limited in what games can really be made for it.

    Also, becuase it's a new market there isn't that many consumers to make high investment games for it. So in all, it's not a bust. It's still in it's primitive stages.

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