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How should Game of Thrones handled season 5-7?

Seasons 1-3 (and some of 4) were apparently closes to the first 4 novels of Song Of Ice and Fire (Dance of Dragons 2011) However Seasons 5-7 (with 8 coming out soon...cant wait) have been criticized heavily by the fans of the novels. Considering there are no other current time period stories to draw from after Dance of Dragons (season 4 and 5 drew heavily from this) Some of said that its gone down to fan fiction territory. (ouch)

So how do you (fans of the novels) think the show could/should have handled the seasons 5-7 (as well 8)


Should season they have gone on Hiatus? Should they have done a side story series set within the same universe (plenty to choose from, like The Tales of Dunk and Egg (prequel novellas set 90 years before the start of Game of Thrones ) or The Dance of the Dragons (prequel novellas about the Targaryen Civil War)

Update 2:

oh and Book 5 was called Dance With dragons, not Dance of Dragons (the aforementioned Targaryn Civil War)

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    I think Martin is never finishing the novels.

    He is far more interested in pushing his producer status while it lasts, because that pays better than screen writer, which pays better than fantasy novelist. It also requires less effort, as you can hire people to do the grunt work, without being scorned like James Patterson is by serious readers. Like the way Neil Gaimen stick his name on product, whether tv shows or comic books.

    Yes, he has written novels, but most of his career has been screenwriting. Like most screenwriters, he likely envied the power of producers and now instead of being under their thumbs, he can be one.

    The last few years his literary output has mostly been a few poorly written short stories, which were then bundled in with a lot of other peoples stories and used to sell anthologies, often awarding him "editor" status as a way of paying for this sales boost.

    So likely the only real completion of the novel series will come with the "help" of another author. It'll sell to the readers, but be hated as it will use the most of the plot ideas Martin already used in the tv show, but will still tie up the loose ends the tv show ignored and will have at least two major reversals from the tv show plot, one of which is already known.

    He might even license out the entire world in a Gene Rodenberry type empire.

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    I think that the television programme and the novels are two different things. "A Song of Ice and Fire" is a saga, the component novels in the series combined span over 4,000 pages and run to nearly 2 million words. It would have been completely impossible for the creators of the television show to include everything. I think that the creators wanted to capitalise on the popularity of the books, therefore they weren't in a position to wait for the final installment to be released. There would have been obvious benefits to sticking only to the source material, but then again, if everyone knew how the series ends, they wouldn't be so excited about the television show coming to an end. We're talking about a saga spanning many years, a complex and intricate story that features a tremendously large cast of characters, and where the action shifts from one place to another in a non-linear fashion. I think that there was no perfect way to adapt the books and that overall it was done well.

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