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Where in Ohio can I buy a mixed Bulldog and Rottweiler puppy?

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    Google, Bulldog rescues in Ohio & Rottweiler rescues in Ohio. They take in the breed & it's mixes, so you might stumble onto one.

    If you know a dog of this mix & liked it & want one like it, you may not get what you thought you were getting. Each dog is an individual & may look like what you want but the temperament will be different & so will the personality & intelligence.

    It won't hurt to go look, right? good luck

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    Sorry, but you DO NOT want a mix-bred puppy and probably especially not this combination. BYBs are the only people producing these potential disasters for one reason - you money. They don't care about testing or about temperament. You may find something like this in a Shelter (but you'd still have to be very careful about what you are getting into) but PLEASE do not contribute to the income of a BYB. The sooner this messing around with long established breeds stops, the better. But it won't unless these no demand.

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    Theres plenty of mutts in any shelter or rescue.

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    Hopefully NOWHERE.

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    NOBODY is going to be INTENTIONALLY producing said cross of breeds. There would be NOTHING beneficial in said cross; frankly a total downhill waste of Rottweiler genes, IMO... and that is not saying a lot.

    Therefore, a shelter or rescue (where you might find an ACCIDENTAL cross) is about your only option. Try looking under those individual breeds for a "mix" (at places doing rescue) listed under (where you can see a list of dogs up for adoption (closest to your zip code).

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      Oh but sadly, very sadly, the BYB may well do such a breeding.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    I'd start calling rescues and animal shelters.

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