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How do people afford to send their kids to schools like Auburn University, university of Alabama, etc?

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    Rich people don't need to worry about it. Middle income people start saving their money for college educations when their children are young (I mean, it's not a surprise that the kid is eventually going to turn 18). And poor people get a lot of grants and financial aid.

    Anyway, tuition at University of Alabama is only around $10K per year (for in-state residents). That's very affordable for even middle-class families, especially if they started saving for their kid's college education early.

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    In Tennessee, and in many other states, there's a lottery funded scholarship. In Georgia, many students go to college without much outlay on the part of their parents. Most students now get some form of financial aid. I know a student in Tennessee who has almost all of her tuition, room and board at a private university covered by financial aid. Parents fill out the FAFSA form and the schools tell you how much financial aid they can offer. The more they want you, the more financial aid they offer. Unfortunately, Alabama is a Republican state, and there's less financial aid.

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    Any decent parent saves up to afford education for their child. And many teens start earning & saving money for college by age 12-14 - long before they are old enough to get a "job." Between parent savings & current income, student savings & earnings (80% of American college students work at least part-time), financial aid, and student and/or parent loans, they manage. It's all about planning ahead.

    Note the schools you mention, e.g. U Alabama, have below-average costs. Even negligent, non-saving parents, or lower-income parents can figure out ways to afford $10,000/year tuition when average cost of 4-year bachelor's degree for Americans is $250,000 all-in.

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    I sent my kid to Auburn. We had saved up the money to send him there.

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    Usually through the nose and the pupils of the eyes in shiny shoes and bow ties.

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    By getting themselves into endless debt

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