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Abyss was one of the few TNA originals left and loyal how did TNA let him go?

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  • Impact Wrestling has always viewed The Monster Abysss as a Hardcore Wrestler, He's always been put in storylines that lead to Hardcore Matches whether we're talking about Barbwire, Thumbtacks, Shards of Glass, Barbwire Baseball Bats or some combination of one or more. From their view point, this is now boring and repetitive. What can Impact Wrestling do with Abyss that they haven't already done?

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    The bigger question is what's the upside to keeping him signed? They got the best years of his career, and outside of making him a road agent or something, there's nothing left for him to do in TNA. WWE clearly has ideas on how to use them. Hopefully they're in a coaching role and not on camera.

    Besides, this isn't TNA anymore. The regime's changed multiple times, the roster is unrecognizable to what they had six years ago, and outside of filling 30 minutes of programming with old footage, they rarely acknowledge past TNA in any other regard than "look how long we lasted."

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      Abyss could still do something respectfully minor on the WWE product.

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    Total Nonstop Action Wrestling has never cared about the talent who work for them not named AJ Styles or Gail Kim.

    There are several cases of this, three of the largest is probably hiring Kurt Angle only a month after he left World Wrestling Entertainment due to health concerns, the Daffney situation and champions being paid so little they've had to work as waiters/waitresses well champ.

    The only reason Impact! Wrestling is still around is because they continually find suckers to fund what can only be described as a sideshow act.

    Abyss made probably the biggest mistake of his career sticking with TNA this long, but hey he got into the 'gold watch' Hall of Fame without needing to face EC3 because EC3 is already in WWE.

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      Considering Styles' career and departure, it's arguable they didn't care about him.

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