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Hired A New Leasing Agent?

I hired a new leasing agent that is 28 years old & still new at this. He is refusing to get a $ 350 non-refundable pet deposit pet pet and a $15 per pet rent on top of the regular rent. I am in Austin, Texas and I have been doing it this way since 1963. It has always worked for me. He is only leasing my property and not managing it. He is saying you can not do this.

What would you do since he will not get back to the client on this who wants to rent the property.


These are not service dogs. These are 4 little 30 pound dogs and two cats. Clients wanted to put in an application but now as of yet I have not heard from the agent since yesterday.. I was willing to drop the non-refundable in half with a double security deposit which is refundable. This guy doesn't seem to realize he is not managing my property & he is suppose to be working for me the way I want it done. have never had this happened.

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    Why is he saying you can't do this? Pets are one of the few things over which you absolutely can charge extra rent, though I'm not sure this applies to service animals?

    Assuming he doesn't have a good reason for refusing to charge the extra rent then to me this is a good sign that this guy doesn't really know what he's doing and maybe you need a different leasing agent - if he has problems with this basic thing, and won't fix those problems, then what other problems will he cause down the road that he won't fix.

    Maybe tell him to charge the extra rent immediately or he's fired. If he won't charge the extra rent (I'd give him 24 hours to handle it but no more) then fire him.

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      He has done it my way I just found out. $350 non-refundable pet deposit per pet ---6 little pets. A double Security Deposit and a $90 per pet rent added on to the regular rent. All is good now. He just has a lot to learn about our laws and he is suppose to working for me. Thanks for everyones reply.

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    Fire him. When you hire someone, you call the shots. You tell him how you want him to manage your business. The pet deposit is reasonable and the monthly pet rent is totally reasonable. I'd get rid of him.

    Source(s): Certified Paralegal, with 25+ years' experience & with Landlord & Tenant law experience.
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    A many states a non-refundable deposit of any kind is illegal. The leasing agent could be putting his license in jeopardy by trying to collect such a deposit/fee. Charging more for a monthly pet fee is legal.

    In Texas “The pet deposit is $250, plus a nonrefundable $250 pet fee”. Other times they will state what percentage of the deposit is non-refundable… “The pet deposit is $500, $250 non-refundable”. That “$250 non-refundable” is considered the pet fee.

    It appears that in Texas the non-refundable fee is $250. By you charging $350 non-refundable deposit is legal.

    In my state, California it is illegal to collect more that double the amount of monthly rent as a security deposit.....with or without a pet.

    In Texas, there's no statutory limit on security deposits at the state level, but check your city and county laws to see if your municipality has set a cap on security deposits for residential rentals.

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    Fire the've been doing this for 55 years and you feel the need to ask the question here???

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  • AJ
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    Then rent the place out yourself and stop using a leasing agent.

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      I am 80 years old now. It's too much. Thank you.

  • Judy
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    find a new agent

  • Eva
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    He's working for you. If he won't do what you tell him, give him a written warning and then if he still doesn't comply, fire him.

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    Laws change. When the tenant has an emotional service animal (aka ESA) its illegal to demand a non-refundable pet deposit and charge more rent for the pet. Your agent isn't refusing you, he is just abiding by the law, and hence protecting you from getting sued.

    • Casey Y
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      Learn about Emotional Support Animals and the laws surrounding them...there is a difference between them and trained service animals (technically don't need to be a dog)...which gets super tricky with regard to this situation.

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    Have you signed a lease with the tenant? Either way tell him to collect the additional deposit and rent or you will report him/her to the local Realtor association. This is a violation of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. He could loose his license.

  • kevin
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    I would get a professional management company, they cost more, but they do it right.

    • J.J.11 months agoReport

      I manage my own property. I just want him to lease it for me but my terms need to be applied that I have used in the past.

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