How do I fix a Yamaha Digital Keyboard?

To make a long story short I dinged my sister's Yamaha digital keyboard (I think the model is WK13700) on the wall as I was carrying it to another room, and when i went to inspect it, the casing on the left side (towards the lower notes) came off a little and now when you press a key it skips and it's very noticeable; I think I might have messed up the wiring. This isn't even her keyboard, she's borrowing it from school, is this fixable or does this have to be fixed professionally?

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  • Tony B
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    11 months ago
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    Without seeing it it's impossible to say. It sounds like you damaged the actual case. It probably can't be repaired properly - just bodged.

    If the electronics and/or the keyboard mechanism is also damaged it's probably not worth reparing because the cost would be more than the value of the instrument.

    If the instrument belongs to a school and they were willing to loan it to your sister they'll have it insured.

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