The potential meaning of life?

Could the potential meaning of life be sacrifice. Before you coment think about it and then respond

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  • 10 months ago

    Compromising and be adamant to the goal like Forest Gump at the same time

  • 10 months ago

    Even the ultimate sacrifice for a Christian is nothing more than loosed faith to breath the divine.

  • Jimbo
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    11 months ago

    I think you are close

    I think the meaning is to learn how to let go. We finish this life in the same place we started. So, everything you have in life is not really yours...not your family or friends, not your car or house or money or even your body. Its learning how to love without being attached to anything. The less we identify with and are connected to, the easier it is to let go of life when the time comes.

  • Raja
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    11 months ago

    Life is realizing your presence in some form on this earth. Life is to live. Wherever you go and whatever you read, at last you will come to a mere conclusion that life is to live, just to live. First of all you must know what a human being is. Human beings are just robots made of flesh and bones and toys of the spirits for their games. The soft-wares for these robots are spirits or invisible elements. These robots are programmed by different people by oral talks, writings and actions too. During this process the spirits possess a human being according to the programs. Further these robots can program themselves when they wish. Whatever it is they are all just spirits. A human being during his/her lifetime is living with many spirits which have joined one by one since birth. They are knowledge, skills, feelings, emotions, interests and everything. Even thoughts are not these robots' own. One after another they think and these robots either choose or reject the ideas which they transmit to their minds through brains in the form of thoughts. Brain is a media to connect the spirits to your mind. Your mind is just a computer's mind. After the destruction of a computer completely you will not get it's mind. The same is the case with the human beings. A soul is nothing but an energy needed for the functionality of a body. It is not a spirit or anything else. A human being doesn't have a spiritual body. Memories are different spirits. Spirits determine the destiny of a human being from his/her daily activities, talks and thoughts too. On death these spirits leave the body and go to different places. No one lives in any form after death.

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  • small
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    11 months ago

    It seems a good possibility......

    The point is that sacrifice seems to give us a greater order of satisfaction and happiness than achievement..... probably because one can only sacrifice what one has attained or obtained in the first place.

  • A C
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    11 months ago

    The meaning of life is to know, serve and glorify our Creator and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, and to be prepared for eternity. And yes, this does require a certain amount of sacrifice. But those who have been born again into the family of God, through faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, will find joy in making those sacrifices.

    Source(s): The New Testament (recommended reading)
  • 11 months ago

    Literature says: All the world is a stage, and all the men and women are merely players: they have their exits and their entrances - William Shakespeare

    Science tells:

    Every Human Brain Is Unique in it's own way

    Everyone Is Unique In Their Own Special Way

    The human brain is the most complex structure in the universe -

    New techniques are producing great excitement among neuroscientists

    Human brain - "More Complex Than a Galaxy"

  • 11 months ago

    No it could not. There is no known meaning of life. Probably it is just an accident.

  • P
    Lv 7
    11 months ago

    It could be, for a special sort of person. Along with that goes absolute acceptance which, as I've said before, is the most difficult to achieve

    It's also one of the most noble

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    The potential meaning of "life" as "sacrifice" is well-stated by those such as Jesus: those who sacrifice their mortal egoism, Paul's "old person with its deeds," Mohammad's (owbp) "die before you die," find that real being is gained. That is the only acceptable "sacrifice" (of Latin "sacra," "sacred rite," which in turn is rooted in Proto-Indo-European "dhe-", "to set, put." One "sacrifices" by "drawing nigh" to God.


    "Understanding Yourself" by Mark Prophet;

    "Beams from Meher Baba;"

    "Kabbalah: The Way of the Jewish Mystic;"

    "Autobiography of a Yogi;"

    "Light of Wisdom: The Conclusion" (root text by Padmasambhava).

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