I got an email that says "Your Yahoo Mail will be automatically updated on January 31st". Did anyone else get this and what does it mean?

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  • Sharon
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    11 months ago
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    It means what it says it means. Starting January 31st, 2019, the classic version of Yahoo Mail that you’re using on your computer will no longer be available. To ensure continued access to your Yahoo Mail account, you will be automatically upgraded to the latest version of Yahoo Mail or Basic Mail, depending on the compatibility of your computer’s web browser.

    This is how to identify legitimate Yahoo websites, requests, and communications: https://help.yahoo.com/kb/SLN2091.html

  • I would advise those wall sitters still on the Classic version to look Hard at this heavily version as it is has lots of clarity over the last version and Yes It does now have a Gmail type Drafting section (not in the Classic or Earlier version) .>Very fast by the way.

    I also like the Newsy Video space filler section (New!) which Shows on Empty /idle sections.

    As some people raised the point of Flash My machine/browser does not utilize it and Java is on the decline too. Used both Chrome and Yandex.browser the latter is an Opera Chrome Hybrid With lots of Speed very secure.I tried it also on Firefox on a dated XP machine and it failed badly Runs OK on Windows 7 or higher with a strong Graphics card and at least a 4 to 5 Mbps connection speed Edge? Always Glitches anything other than Outlook mail

  • 10 months ago

    No I did nothing t get any message but since Monday28th January 2019 I have got NO Yahoo mail and when I ask for help there is an assistant who is intent in constantly directing me to “tech” where I am asked to pay £5 and then £30 a month after that .......she insists doing this even though Ibsay NO ....some help she has been I just like to keep things simple and as a pensioner cannot afford £30 a month just to get mybYahoo Mail back ...Please someone please help me. I am awaiting very important mail since Monday

  • Pearl
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    11 months ago

    i havent gotten it yet, it probably nneans just what they said that it will be autonnatically updated

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  • audrey
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    11 months ago

    Scam. Delete it. Do not click on it.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    not yet

  • 11 months ago

    yes. right now. ??

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