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everything keeps dying!!!!!?

in the past week, ive had my firefish, clownfish, mccoskers wrasse, royal gramma, and my neon goby die. the only remaining fish are: banggai cardinal, pajama cardinal, mandarin, and a springer dottyback (aka the devil). what could be a cause


also have 3 shrimps (peppermint cleaner fire) brittle star crabs 2 cucumbers decorator urchin and copepods

Update 2:

nitrates are 0, PH is 8

Update 3:

tank size is 50 gallons

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    What are you water parameters and tank size (numbers)?

    Have you added anything new?

    My thoughts are:

    Velvet, appears as a dust on fish. Kills extraordinarily quickly.

    A toxin of some sort, either a synthetic chemical (like a cleaning solution) or something toxic like an anemone, leather coral, sea cucumber or sea slug died/got blended in a pump.

    Springer dottyback killing things in the night. I had a springers dotty in my tank for all of 36 hours before hauling it back after it nearly mauled a clownfish twice its size to death. I do not trust dottybacks at all.

    Are you using tap or RO/DI or distilled water?

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      before i went to school one day, i saw my dottyback invading my royal grammas territory. didnt look to great as my royal gramma then chased the dotty and nipped its tail. a few days later, i saw my royal gramma, dead, being eaten by my brittle star. probably the pseudochromis, thanks

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    May just be their time or something in the water. Check out your filter :)

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    I can only assume that you've ignored the rules and methods that we use to be successful. If I remember correctly you've asked other questions before. Did you research that advice and consider changing what you were doing, or did you quickly stuff a bunch of extremely difficult to keep fish into a small tank...?

    I love giving advice to people who take it seriously; I'm not as helpful to people who ignore all the recommendations and don't pay attention.

    Besides, I can't tell from your question history what tank you have now or even how long it has been set up. It looks like a couple months at the most.

    My tank has been running that long and I haven't even bought one fish yet.

    I don't think anything I'm saying is going to get through to you.

    Edit: and here's one of my previous answers to well did I guess.?

    "And if it's really a new tank, you won't have (edit: some (the firefish is ridiculously sensitive))of those fish by next month.

    I'm setting up a tank right now and won't have any fish for about two months. We can compare tanks then.

    That's when you start seeing if you've done things correctly and make adjustments."

    Note: @bookshelf, a stressed or dying/dead mandarin can poison a whole tank too.

    Remember when you thought I was the biggest jerk you'd ever met.?

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  • Change the water and don't over feed them?

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  • 1 year ago

    Have you tested your water for levels of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate? Is your aquarium heater working?

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  • nunjah
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    1 year ago


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