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Would you make these moves if you were Theo Epstein?

Theo has done little this offseason. However there are moves to be made besides signing Harper or Machado. Mark Derosa suggested some moves during the winter meetings but I have come up with some of my own. First I would trade Scwarber to Cleveland for either Bauer or Klubber. Cleveland needs outfielders and Schwarber can play left or DH. I would also trade Addison russel to San Diego. Yes they have Tatis JR waiting in the wings but Addison though his offense have been underachieving he can still pick it and when Tatis is ready for the big leagues they can slot Addison to second. Kinsler is signed to a two year deal but is on the back end of his career. He can shar time with Addison. Then in two years Addison can take over full time at second.


With Trading Schwarber to Cleveland I would also sign AJ Pollack. Put him in left with Happ/Almora in CF and Heyward in RF. This would also solve the Cubs leadoff hitter problems.

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    1. Schwarber wouldn't bring Bauer or Kluber on his own.

    2. Padres will already have to shift Urias to 2B when Tatis is ready.

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    cleveland wouldnt accept that

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