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Is it worth it to ask for a W-2 if my income was $2,150?

Last year I worked at a business from September 11 to November 18. My total income during that time was approx. $2,150, and my federal withholding was around $180 (this includes fedeeral income, SS and medicare. My state doesn't have state withholding). I received an earnings statement so I have the exact numbers. I did not have any other income in 2018.

I saw the minimum income to file taxes was $18,000, so obviously I did not even come close. I used a tax calculator and it said if I file I will get the $180 back. But IDK if it's even worth it to ask my employer for the W-2. We've had no communication whatsoever since I quit. I asked family and friends but no one has ever made so little money in a year, so they didn't know. Any insight will be appreciated


Thanks for the insight Anon. I used the turbotax online calculator, guess it must be wrong. Thank you for letting me know I'll only get the federal back. Eh, $15 is better than $0, guess I'll file. Thanks!

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    You should not have to ask for it. The employer is required by federal law to provide it to you.

    Since you no longer work there they will probably mail it to the address they have on file. If you've moved since you quit, then contact them to provide your new address or turn in a mail forwarding request with the post office.

    I'm not sure where you got the info that you need $18,000 income to file taxes, but that is incorrect. There are certain amounts of income where someone is REQUIRED to file a tax return, and they can be penalized if they don't file. But you are still allowed to file a return if you are under those limits, you just won't be penalized if you don't file.

    You most certainly should file though. Your return should take less than one hour to complete and you'll get $180 back. If you don't file then the IRS keeps that $180 and you get nothing.

    I'm guessing that if I offered to pay you $180 for 1 hour of easy computer work you'd accept, so why not spend an hour claiming your $180 tax refund. It will also be a good learning experience so you know what you're doing next year and every year after that.

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    Just be sure they have your current address if you have moved. You don't ask for one, they send them automatically to the latest address they have for you. No you don't have to file if that's your only income, but for $180, I sure would.

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    Yes file.. you will get back the $180.00 - you don't have to ask for the W2.. they are required to send it to you by mail, postmarked by 1/31/19.

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    You do not need to ask for your W-2. The employer is obligated to give it to you. If you owe no tax you will get your income tax withheld refunded if you file a tax return.

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  • Eva
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    You don't ask the employer for a W2. They are required to send it to you by January 31. Only the federal income tax withheld is available for refund. You will not get any of the SS & Medicare tax refunded. It would appear that your max refund would be $16, not $180

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    There is no minimum to file.

    They must issue you a W2, whether you request it or not.

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    No. You're going to get one whether you ask for it or not, so asking would just be a waste of time.

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    You get the W-2 anyway...don't even need to ask. They just mail it to your last address on file.

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    You don't have to ask for it. They are required to have it in the mail to you, to the last known address they have for you, by the end of this month. If you don't have it by the middle of February, then you can contact them. If you changed addresses after you stopped working for them, they will not have your current address. It's up to you to make sure they have it.

    You need the W-2 to file and claim that tax that was withheld.

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    6.2% of $2150 is $133.30 Social Security tax which is non-refundable.

    1.45% of $2150 is $31.18 Medicare tax which is non-refundable.

    You paid $164.48 in social security and medicare tax which you aren't getting back. The most you would get back is $15.52 if indeed that was withheld for federal income tax (as opposed to worker's comp or something like that).

    You should not have to ask for a W-2. Your employer is required to provide you with one by the end of January.

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