What are some good inexpensive trips that’s just a few hours away from Georgia?

What are some good inexpensive trips that’s just a few hours away from Georgia? I want to take my 11 year old somewhere for Spring Break. We've been to several amusement parks and beaches. Just want to try something a lil different that's worth visiting and doesn't cost a fortune,

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    Where in Georgia ARE you, Obviously the nearby state is not the same from EVERY where.

    Assuming just one driver and that you do not want hours and hours to get there. Picking Atlanta and some breaks for snacks and lunch about 200 miles is a reasonable distance.

    Lots of options. It helps with just a little more detail on things not only child wants to do but stuff Mom has some interest.

    Looking at the map you are looking for something in circle that reaches to Nashville in the Northwest Charlotte to the North East the Ocean to the South east and Montgomery to the South West.

    Spring Break. The real fun places are popular and get a little higher priced. The Ocean beaches in particular.

    Something for the pre teen. National parks are nice if you want lots of hiking and just exploring nature.Most 11 years cannot get mom to keep up.

    Do you want some learning worked in with the fun stuff?

    Recently opened.


    More fun

    McWane Science Center Birmingham

    Foley Railroad Museum Foley

    U.S. Space and Rocket Center Huntsville

    Do you like bike riding?

    Explore Knoxville




    Maybe Jackson some learning and some fun


    As this is for an 11Year old they probably can surf the web much better that you can.

    Draw a circle on a map and let them loose to search out some things THEY WANT TO DO within your budget.

    You look after the sleeping meals and gas budget and child gets the fun part budget they can look up admission prices.Bike rental price or whatever..

    An AAA membership comes with travel guides of things to do , free maps and even advisors to help plan a route for your adventure.

    MOM still has the veto but you just need to select from the already pre approved child destinations of interest to them . You then look for stuff You like along the route of the child's picks.

    Hundreds of other places too. Maybe you do the old fashioned throw a dart at a map . Your reasonable travel distance circle and find something near where the dart lands.

    For second day new map new circle and toss the dart. You get a turn too. gradually returning back to home on an adventure of discovery of new to both of you things.

    Part of the adventure is getting off the freeway and actually stopping in the many possible places along the way That meal stop does not have to be the highway fast food chain place. The DRIVER needs a break from just driving too. A walk up and down small town main street then off again to the big destination.

    Everything cheap and fun for a bit is not on a website.You do not have to pre plan every minute.

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    If the government ends the shut down there are lots of national and state parks that are free or just a few bucks. Its amazing what you can find just a few miles away

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  • drip
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    1 year ago

    Look up National Parks in your area.

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  • 1 year ago

    Depending on your child's interests and what you think is expensive, you could go to Kitty Hawk, NC. Ashville, NC, hike part of the Application Trail, check out Savannah or visit the Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL. DC is farther away but the museums are generally free or very inexpensive.

    • ANDRE L
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      Check to see which museums are open or closed during the shutdown. The Air & Space Museum in DC, for example, is currently closed.

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  • MS
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    1 year ago

    Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, TN - lots of fun things to do there, but it can get pricey since you have to pay for so much of what there is to do.

    NASA US Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL

    Charleston, SC is great for some history, shopping, and beaches

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Maybe to give an answer we need to know what cost a fortune means. Is that $1000 or $10,000? About anything you do will cost at least $2.,000 for food and hotels and you should be able to find something not far from you.

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