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Do you know that my name is Queenstar, the book Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli is secretly about me, and I am secretly Stargirl Caraway?

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    I don't believe the girl about her being you because you can't face her. You can't stand watching her and her boyfriend together. You are rejected and pushed away by males for her. She wanted males to threaten you over her behalf. By telling you to stay away from her because she is their girlfriend and you're gay. She wanted males to be jealous of you. She wanted your attitude and true colors to show. She is white and a racist who hates black people like you and judges you with stereotypes and racial discrimination and segregation. She never said anything nice about you to the males from her race that you are her classmate but instead she told them you start trouble with her for no reason and you are rude and disrespectful. She attracted Leonardo Dicaprio but as for you she didn't want any man to notice you or find you attractive. She wanted you to feel stupid and for you to grow hurt whenever you look at pictures of her and her boyfriend. I realized she wasn't you already.

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