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How far have Prince Charles' plans for a Manxbiter Nature Reserve on the Isle of Man progressed, currently only three of the creatures exist?

Prince Charles has named them Laura, Jerry and Butler.

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    Unfortunately, it's still only a germ...of an idea, e.g, how many public conveniences would be needed for them to reproduce? Should they be fed, or just leave them to forage in the dustbins as they do in the wild? You see, it is no easy task, let's just hope they become extinct before the reserve is built!

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    CHARLES needs to get a job at WALMART


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    10 months ago

    Nowhere because no such place exists except in the minds of trolls.

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    Laura... Ughhh. What a horrid weekend name.

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  • The problem with the Isle of Man is that until they build a sewage works on Bruce Heath, there is too much faecal matter about the place to sustain intelligent life.

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    It's they're own fault the animals are homosexual so extinction was always on the kards

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