What would a hydrogen sulphite/bisulfite bohr model look like?


What would a hydrogen sulphite/bisulfite ion bohr model look like? How many electrons would be in each shell?

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  • 11 months ago
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    Bohr diagram ... ancient history ... :)

    The Bohr model applies to the energy levels in hydrogen. The Bohr model was rendered obsolete in the 1920's, nearly 100 years ago. We've moved on since then. The Bohr model should only be mentioned within a historical context, not as something that we would use today.

    Perhaps you mean the electron dot diagram for HSO4^-

    ............. O


    H − O − S = O


    ............. O

    Because of the high electron density around S, it has a formal charge of -1 in agreement with the charge on the ion. All of the oxygen atoms have formal charges of zero. Each oxygen has two lone pairs.

    Notice that the "octet rule" isn't applicable to S since it is in period 3. The octet rule, which I refer to with my students as the "octet suggestion", takes a back seat to formal charge when it comes to distributing electrons. The octet rule is most useful for central atoms found in period 2.

    Is this what you want?


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      Ooops. You did say sulfite initially. I'm sorry. One of my old brain cells, just clicked sulfate. Yes, drop one of the oxygen atoms from bisulfate to get bisulfite.

  • 11 months ago

    O=S - O^- ( O - H)

  • 11 months ago

    Thanks you so much for the answer, but unfortunately, I need to draw a bohr diagram of hso3-(hydrogen sulphite/bisulphite ion) This is why I'm really stuck

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