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Why don’t israelis like mizrahim music?

When I went to israel, many don’t like Mizrahim (music that sounds similar to Middle Eastern beats) and many don’t like it. I think it’s nice and very easy to dance to. What’s wrong with it?

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    Actually, I've kept up with some culture articles that mention a growing popularity of Mizrahi music. It's still a bit niche though, and not so mainstream so you may have not been in the right places. But that's as a category, since Israel's mainstream music scene is actually DOMINATED by Mizrahi individuals. Take Israel's Eurovision winners: I happen to know the 1978 winner was Yemenite, as was 1998's. Last year was won by a Mizrahi girl too, but I forget where exactly her community was from. I can think of a few more famous artists of Mizrahi descent as well, such as Ofra Haza. They often include Middle Eastern beats but it doesn't define their work.

    Israelis don't dislike Mizrahi music as a whole, so I wouldn't generalize them that way. It may not be the most popular genre, but trust me, it's not completely shunned. I personally know a lot of Israelis who appreciate that style.

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    Spend more time with Mizrachis. They'll mean-mouth draft-dodging Ashkenazi Haredim at length.

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    Pecose the holocaust is traumatized soul of Jewish!

    Jewish? Jewish?

  • 11 months ago

    60% of Israelis are from Arab countries.

    Today most of them were born and grew up in Israel.

    They are Israelis.

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    Most Israelis are Ashkenazic; therefore, they are more accustomed to European music.

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      In addition to Yoel's point, many of the Ashkenazim are actually quite open to Mizrahi culture aspects, at least nowadays. Besides, as "European" as Israel is, in many, MANY ways, it isn't; and, it's definitely true that a lot of Mizrahi influences have affected the mainstream Israeli culture.

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