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What’s the best way to enter the USA to live and work?

I live in England and when i’m older I want to live and work in the US permanently, or maybe to study very soon. What’s the best way? Will having cousins in LA help me? Can they sponsor me? Thanks

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    Let's start with this. The worst way is by admitting that you want to live and work in the U.S. That alone is enough to keep you from even getting visit the U.S.

    If you want to study in the U.S., then you need to do two things: get the U.S. government to believe that you don't want to move permanently or work there, and get a student visa. You cannot be allowed to enter the U.S. to study if it appears that you will not leave when you finishing studying or that you will violate the laws that restrict your ability to work in the U.S.

    Having cousins in the U.S. may actually hurt you, because it makes it more likely that you will stay in the U.S. The main requirement is showing that you have greater ties to your home country than to the U.S., and can be trusted to leave the U.S. and go back to your home country.

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    Cousins cannot sponsor you - not an immediate relative. If you want to go to university in the US, expect you & your parents will need a minimum of USD50,000/year for 4 years to study for a bachelor's degree - and then you return to your country of citizenship immediately upon graduation or termination of studies. Bachelor's degrees are a glut on the US market, and not a qualification for any employment visa.

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    WHY? Is horrible..Canada better and I think you c an only sponsor your own kids, siblings or parents in US.

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    You can study if you get an accepted place and can py international fees then apply for a student visa... BUT study sonething useful that is accepted in the UK as that is where you will be living/working as student visas are only to study not to stay, live , work...

    Your cousins can 'help' you nor sponsor you to migrate and it is highly likely they could stop you getting a student visa if ICE beleive you intend to overstay illegally

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    Only immediate family can sponsor you. Cousins, aunts, and uncles are not immediate family

    Unless you are independently wealthy or have immediate family who will sponsor you as an immigrant you will need a job + a work visa to move to the USA. You need a sponsor (employer) for a work visa - you can't apply for one on your own.

    >> A work visa is not an immigrant visa. <<

    Check with US companies in your country and local companies with offices in the USA. For example, Hilton and Marriott hire international staff as interns.

    Search "international exchange programs USA" and there should be many links to programs that offer temporary and seasonal work in the US. Examples:

    Do carefully check any programs you might be interested in as not all of them are a good deal.

    Another option is to go to school in the USA. It is much easier to get a US student visa than to get a work visa and you MAY be able to work on-campus. A student visa is a non-immigrant visa so time spent in the USA as a student does not count toward permanent residency. However, an advanced degree from a USA university in a STEM field will make applying for jobs easier and a job can be a path to permanent resident status. You can apply for citizenship after five years as a permanent resident (three years if married to a US citizen).

    Going to school in the US will also help you decide if you really want to move here: If you decide to go to university in the USA the first step is to identify several schools you might want to attend and make contact with their offices of international students. For example: (not in California)

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    nnaybe you could try being a foreign exchange student , its possible they could sponsor you, i would ask innnnigration all these questions

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    Cousins in the US are no help - they can't get you any kind of visa.

    If you want to study in the US, you'll need to be able to afford it (no student visa without proof of funds). It might be worth seeing if your UK university choices offer sandwich years abroad, as this would let you study there for up to a year as part of your degree.

    To work there, you'd need a work visa. Take a look and research the requirements for qualifying for one.

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    Call an immigration lawyer. Every lawyer I've ever talked to will give you a free consultation to see if the matter is worth pursuing.

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    Visa or nanny programs

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      What’s a nanny program?

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