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As a Computer Science graduate i didnt have classes that taught Web Development. Do you think it's necessary to learn Web development?

The programming languages I learned were Java, C++, C, assembly, SQL, and Swift. When I type "computer science jobs" on indeed it always had jobs that say "Web developer". Then when I look at the skills I don't have any of them. The skills are always things like HTML, CSS, Node js, React, or JavaScript. I haven't even heard of half of those.

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    the thing about computer science is that it comprises basically everything involving computers, from computational theory on up. that's a lot of stuff, and new stuff being whacked together all the time. you could spend your life learning every random new widget you can and probably not keep up.

    so anyway, yeah, if you want a job in web development... you probably need to learn web development, if you don't know it already

    your other options are to find jobs involving the stuff you already know about. if there's none around where you are, you might need to think about living somewhere else where there are some, or learn the stuff that's around where you are, and probably pretty darn fast.

    or you can stay in school and get a more advanced degree

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