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Am I required to have a hood over my stove?

I don't. My stove is on an inside wall, and there is no vent or hood.

I only know of one other person who does not have one.

It makes me wonder if any rules have changed since mine was installed many moons ago.


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    Many vent fans, particularly if you have a microwave over your stove are not even vented outside. The fan comes on and the steam , smoke and grease particulates are sucked up captured by a filter, sometimes a metal mesh one sometimes a carbon filter then the "filtered" air is blown back out above and away from the surface of the stove. So they really do little.

    Commercial stoves totally different they need to have a vent hood and it needs to have fire suppression combined with the vent so that in the event of a fire it can be put out more easily and efficiently.

  • 10 months ago

    Do you own the house, or are you renting a place? If you own the house, you can do what you want. With the possible exception if your insurance would not pay for damage, in case of grease fire. If you rent a place, it is in the home owners best interest to install a hood.

  • 11 months ago

    It's not legally required, no. But having a way to vent fumes is healthier for you in terms of general living..

  • Katie
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    11 months ago

    No - all a hood does is blow really cold air every where and INCREASES the amount of steam.

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  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    all hoods do is slightly reduce steam,they are not essential.

  • Satan
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    11 months ago

    No, it just saves hot grease congealing on your ceiling - also if a pan goes on fire, some smoke is directed outside, whilst the steel hood can take some of the heat

  • marty
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    11 months ago

    You need to check your local laws for that. They are not required by law where I live but I couldn't imagine not having one.

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