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What is all this talk about R Kelly recently, what did he do? Can someone please fill me in?

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    Lifetime aired a part 6 documentary about his abuse with alot of his victims telling their story and a few of his former employees

    Watch it. It’s called Surviving R Kelly. It will make you feel disgusted,but something everyone needs to watch.

    He is a predator who preys on young minor girls to brainwash them to do what he wants. This has been known for years and hes gotten away with this and still doing it to this day. He has at least 2 girls(probably more) locked up away from their family.He has like some kind of cult

    He has had alot of people protecting him and who turned a blind eye to what was happening.

    He is basically Bill Cosby but 10 times worse

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    11 months ago

    If you are under 15 years old R. Kelly would fill you in.

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