In a deck of 44 cards, I drew 2 cards. I shuffled the deck again and drew the exact 2 cards in the same order. What’s the prob of this?

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  • 11 months ago
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    When you draw the first card, you have a 1 in 44 chance of drawing the correct first card, so your odds of getting this far are 1/44

    If you get the first card right, then you have a 1 in 43 chance of drawing the correct second card - so your odds of finishing the sequence (if you got the first step correct) are 1/43

    So the odds of both happening are simply (1/44) x (1/43) which is 1/1892

    That works out to about 0.0053%

    this is not even close to the one answer which incorrectly claims (without explanation) that the odds are 1/44 million.

    Here's another way of looking at the same situation:

    There are 44 cards which have equal chance of being the first one drawn. For each of those 44 possible results, there are 43 possible results for the 2nd card.

    So 44 x 43 = 1892 possible combinations of cards when you keep track of the order in which they are drawn. Since you picked ONE specific combination of results out of 1892 equal possibilities, you have a 1/1892 chance of drawing the desired result.

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      Saw that on another math site so this is correct :) Thanks so much 👍

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    (1 / 44) * (1 / 43 ) = 0.000535 or 0.0535%

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    honeycomb ****

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    Ignoring the fact there are 52 cards in a standard deck, I would say the odds depended on how well you shuffled. If you shiffle like me , i would say about 1 in 10, if you are a professional probably agree with the 1/44 x 1/43 answer.

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  • 11 months ago

    1/44 times 1/44

  • 11 months ago

    50-50. It will happen or it will not.

  • 11 months ago

    Two in forty-four million. (If my math's correct)

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      I am curious how you got 44 million combinations of 2 cards though.

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