Will a 500w power supply be enough?

I’m building a computer. The tower is about 2014 and it will have an SSD with 512gb, a 1 terabyte hard drive (western digital blue) and a RX580 graphics card with 8gb of RAM on top of that

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  • 11 months ago
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    According to the spec sheet of the 580...it needs a min. of 500W thats the MINIMUM it always best to add 250w for the rest of the computer! Then again you did not mention an optical drive or any secondary drive units no what mother board or CPU you have. And of course you have "x" today but you may add "y" in a few months.

    When you say "its a 2014" do you mean the base computer is from 2014 and you are adding a 580 and SSD???

    That might not work You Old motherboard and setup may not be able to take the newest equipment. You might be better off selling your old computer in parts and start from scratch! It least that way ALL parts are new!

  • 11 months ago

    cpu? the cpu and gpu are the biggest power users

  • Dick
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    11 months ago

    Here's what you really need to do. Look at the specs of every component you're going to install, and record their power consumption in Watts. Once you do that, add them up to get a total consumption for the computer as a loaded unit. I'm quite sure a 500W PS will do the job but when you are building a computer you have to think of not only today, but a few years down the road. In 3 or 4 years do you think you'd build a new computer or upgrade the one you're building now. So in respect upgrading, it's better to buy something now, like a 750 or 800 W PS so down the road it will still be plenty powerful to handle any upgrades that you might do. When I build computers for clients I always buy 750 or 800 W Power Suppoies. I never purchase anything less. It's just not worth it. By the way, Corsair makes some really good power supplies for about $100.

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