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Army Bah for new marriage?

My fiancé is 20 and in the army and recently got promoted to PFC. I’m 19 and i’m not in the army. We plan on getting married in July and want to get an apartment together. He’s currently living in the barracks and i’m staying with my parents. After we get married in July, will he qualify to get BAH to pay for our apartment? Also, what necessary paperwork needs to be filed to get this started?

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  • Squid
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    11 months ago
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    Your ages don t matter. Married soldiers almost always qualify for BAH and are allowed to live off base with their spouse, but there are some exceptions. He needs to ask his chain of command.

    The paperwork is the same answer. He needs to tell his chain of command that he intends to get married, and they will send him to the personnel office where he will get a bunch of forms to fill out.

    • Mark B
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      The "paperwork" is to register in DEERS. You will need a copy of the marriage license. You will have to do the paperwork (with your husband) to obtain an ID card. Everything on pay will need to initiated by your husband.

  • NWIP
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    You asked the same question numerous times yesterday, got the same answer each time and it still has NOT changed. It won’t change tomorrow, Monday, next month or in 7 months when get married.

    1) age does NOT matter especially yours

    2) his making PFC means ZERO

    3) YES when married he will qualify for BAH w/dependents based on where HE is stationed in the US

    4) HE needs to tell them he is getting married and HE fills out the paperwork AFTER you get married. There is ZERO you can do before. He needs the originals of the marriage certificate and your birth certificate, along with a copy of your SSN.

    5) have a backup plan because there is ALWAYS the chance his leave gets changed or even denied

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    I don’t see why the military won’t provide said paperwork. Seeing as they’re raising the pay and they should be able to help given the question

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